Kevin Hart talks about why he kept his COVID-19 diagnosis a secret

Actor Kevin Hart is one of many celebrities diagnosed with COVID-19, although he chose to remain quiet about it until recently.

The global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) still continues to affect us all in different ways. Even when the number of cases becomes more stable. And as the world begins to reopen, it becomes tempting to overlook just how threatening the virus can be. Despite more and more public figures talking about receiving positive test results. For example Kevin Hart.

The funny actor Kevin Hart was just one of many celebrities diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, although it has only recently gone public. The comedian and performer, perhaps best known for the rebooted series of Jumanji, appeared on the comedy show An Intimate Socially Distanced Affair by Dave Chappelle in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and at one point, Hart gave an explanation for his silence that seemed to blur the line between acting and frankness.

“The problem is, I had it around the same time as Tom Hanks. And I couldn't say anything because he is more famous than me. ”Kevin Hart said.

Although this could have been nothing more than the actor continuing his long streak of self-deprecating humor. He would not have been wrong to assume that his diagnosis may have been overshadowed by the other actor.

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, contracted the virus for the first time while the famous actor was filming a biopic about the life of Elvis Presley near the beginning of the pandemic.

The couple were the first high-profile celebrities to be infected and created a markedly greater impact on the perception of COVID-19 than their peers like Idris Elba and Antonio Banderas. Who were diagnosed shortly after as a result.

Kevin Hart He didn't reveal much more about his struggle with the virus on the show or on social media, so you may want to keep it private for now. That said, he has earned a reputation for being open with fans about his experiences. So we can learn more from your perspective very soon. | Cinema, comics and series

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