Kevin James explains why he likes working with Adam Sandler

It is very common for Kevin James to appear with Adam Sandler in his films and now the basis of that successful relationship that lasts so many years is revealed.

Adam Sandler He is the typical actor who is very comfortable in a very specific type of film. Every once in a while he goes off script and does something more serious, but we usually see him in comedies with a hooligan twist. Precisely, Netflix will release soon Hubie's Halloween, where we will see again Kevin James in a supporting role.

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The actor Adam Sandler He has shared so many movies with his friends that many people wonder if they are just meetings of colleagues that cost several million dollars. Kevin James has commented on why he likes working with him.

“It is always family, yes, absolutely. He is the best. It's literally like going back to summer camp with all your friends. It's a really fun time, you know? You have them all there ”.

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It is a very curious case in Hollywood.

Considering that Kevin James has worked with Adam Sandler for almost two decades, it is refreshing to know that the couple have built such a friendly working relationship. Not only that, but as more and more dramas and criminal accusations come to light that plague the American film landscape, the fact that a major production company like Happy madison seemingly fostering such a welcoming work environment feels even weirder. But at the same time it is rewarding.

If the films that come from this environment are good, of course, it depends on the personal taste of each one. But audiences will only have to wait another week to see the duo in action together. The next Netflix exclusive, Hubie's Halloween, will reunite Kevin James and Adam Sandler for the first time since 2018's Hotel Transylvania 3, when it opens on October 7, 2020. | Cinema, comics and series

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