Letters to Roxane (2018), by Alexis Michalik – Review

A luxury movie made to please and enjoy. You can ask for more but it is not needed: see it.

Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac, in the magnificently digitized France of 1897, is presented to actor Constant Coquellin and he asks for a play that will become a Cyrano between the real and the fictional, the theater and the cinema. A delight of pleasure, look for the turns of Cyrano de Bergerac to tell how a story is told and written, a film that makes the most difficult: entertain, interest, seduce and trick the viewer into the journey that involves being blank and having to write a work for an actor of recognized prestige, in a very short time, with the conditions that it is comedy although he finds sadness in between, love, finesse, stealth, verse and an endless amount of resources splendidly directed to catch you and not let go until the end, as does the original Cyrano.

Spinning the life with the facts of the work, and the work itself with the life of the author, the actors and the lady to seduce, Alexis Michalik, screenwriter and director, also spins the theatrical with the cinematographic in such a perfect way as to allow to go around and surround as many times as history requires, obtaining with it a delicate and suggestive cocktail, as well as the original work.

A film that makes the most difficult: entertain, interest, seduce and trick the viewer.

A select group of actors, delivered to their roles of a thousand loves, do good, even what they have done wrong: they convince, enjoy and infect us with the attraction they feel for that man with a nose stuck, as Góngora and Argote would say, that Cyrano that rhymes the desire with the art of coaxing, attracting the beloved and those who need it.

Alexis Michalik also does not abuse the verse, or Cyrano himself, because it is the life of the author, his wife, his friend and the one intended by the latter, which rotates, becomes entangled and unleashes an imagination, urgent and overflowing, procaz and punctilious, and it all revolves and removes in its favor and does so to the point that it enters its own network and becomes entangled in it to the eyebrows. That same path leads us and brings us all along the same paths, breathless at times, slowing the desperate and constantly getting into the skin of Edmund.

A luxury movie made to please and enjoy; You can ask for more but it is not needed: see it.

Synopsis Edmond Rostand is a promising playwright. But everything he has written has been a failure and now undergoes a total creative paralysis. Thanks to his admirer, the great actress Sarah Bernhardt, he meets the best actor of the moment, Constant Coquelin, who insists on performing his next work. The big problem for Edmond is that he hasn't written it yet. It only has the title: "Cyrano de Bergerac".
country France
Address Alexis Michalik
Script Alexis Michalik
Music Romain Trouillet
Photography Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci
Distribution Thomas Solivéres, Dominique Pinon, Olivier Gourmet, Guillaume Bouchède, Alexis Michalik, Simon Abkarian, Blandine Bellavoir, Mathilde Seigner, Antoine Duléry, Clémentine Célarié
Gender Comedy
Duration 112 min.
Original title Edmond
Premiere 03/27/2020

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