Lilly Wachowski related Matrix to her transition process

Recently, Lilly Wachowski revealed how the idea of ​​the Matrix came about and how it related to its transition process.

Lilly Wachowski offered details on how Matrix relates to the "anger toward oppression" she experienced in her gender transition process. In addition to revealing that, at some point, she became disinterested in the process of making movies. These statements emerged in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which the creative reflected on how the acclaimed science fiction film that she created together with her sister Lana served as a kind of turning point in her career and in her life.

“Now that I am an example of someone who can grow up to be a transgender woman, trans people can see my movies through the lens of my transition. They are able to say ‘these films were a very important part of my process and my own journeyLilly Wachowski said.

It also revealed that a large part of Matrix it is based on their anger at capitalism and the structured forms of oppression offered by corporations. In addition, it also reflects a great anger at not being able to get out of the oppression that he felt by not openly revealing the fact of being trans. This he said: "There was bubbling and boiling anger in me because of my own oppression, because I was forcing myself to stay in the closet."

Criticism of Trump

Within the conversation, the topic of recent tweets that Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump exchanged also alluded to the scene of the red and blue pills in the film. When the owner of Tesla Motors tweeted, "Take the red pill," Trump replied, "Take it!" In general, the phrase "red pill" is used politically by radical conservatives and white supremacists, and it also has subtext of misogyny and masculine superiority. The use of the term in publications outraged Lilly Wachowski, who responded directly, writing "Go to hell both of you".

For the creative, these comments on networks were justification necessary to continue working on his most recent project, Work in Progress, a comedy serial that airs on Showtime, and whose protagonist is a lesbian who falls in love with a trans man. Meanwhile, Matrix 4, which will be directed by her sister Lana, will be the "craziest" thing we've ever seen. | Movies, comics and series