Loki appeared in the Marvel Universe before Thor

The relationship between Loki and his half brother Thor in the Marvel Universe is very interesting and now we review details of his past.

Today, most people know Loki like the brother of Thor both in the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, the Asgardian God of Mischief appeared in Marvel Comics before the mighty God of Thunder. Although the character and his surroundings would be subject to major changes over the years, Loki's first appearance is believed to be in a 1948 issue of Venus Goddess of Love of Timely Comics.

Loki appeared in the Marvel Universe before Thor

Several key aspects of the Loki that we currently know were already present in the character. To begin with, he was a real god. Second, he played the role of antagonist, and third, and perhaps most important, he was a fan favorite despite being a big baddie.

You have to remember that Timely Comics was the name of Marvel Comics before it changed its name to the one that everyone knows today.

Characters like Loki, and later Thor, were instrumental in this change. Since the fans followed his adventures with great enthusiasm. In a way, the Marvel movies also underwent a metamorphosis that has benefited Loki. Beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy, the cosmic installments got more fun and light-hearted, drawing on the comic moments from the first Avengers movie that Loki, as its main villain, helped facilitate.

Thor himself eventually did the same, of course. After the mediocre reception he received In the dark world 2013, the third installment Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi's essentially featured Asgard as being run by Loki himself.

We will also see the character of Loki again in his own series, where there will be space-time travel, which is sure to be a real madness.

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