M (2018), by Yolande Zauberman – Criticism

M (2018), by Yolande Zauberman - Criticism

The viewer cannot leave watching this documentary without a mixture of surprise, anger and disgust.

There is no doubt that M, the documentary that Yolande Zauberman writes and directs, puts on the screen a subject that, although known, prefers not to comment. It is true that religions (especially monotheists) marry sex badly with religion itself and are protected, almost all in the same way and with similar unnatural norms, in silence when nature exercises in the process of development of human beings and the 'castra' root.

However, and the well-known ‘rattle’ of virginity and sinfulness (that is, ‘bad’) of the union between two beings, as long as they do not think exclusively about procreation; There are vericuetos that are kept in the mar summary secret ’of the priesthood of all of them, and there appears pederatry and abuse, which is not spread exclusively out of fear. A subject that Yolande Zauberman takes openly and looking at his face, after she knew the story of a man who was a victim of these sexual abuse in childhood, and who managed to record the confession of one of his aggressors.

M It is a tape not so enlightening, as brave.

Title M It is a nod to Fritz Lang, and he enters the thick (religiously speaking) world of the Haredi, the ultra-Orthodox Jews who inhabit the town of Beni Brak, very close to Tel Aviv.

Special Prize of the Locarno Jury and the Best Direction at the Seville Festival, both in 2018, M it is a not so enlightening tape (unfortunately we see the case of child abuse from the directions of the majority religions in the world on a daily basis), as brave. Filmed in a face to face that leaves all this allegedly celestial fundamentalism without reason or justification, and that the civil courts of the world deal with parsimony and almost with some benevolence.

Of course, the viewer cannot leave
watch this documentary without a mixture of surprise, rage and disgust that fuels the
impotence in the establishment of these antihuman practices,
vexatious and marking thousands of people throughout his life.

Synopsis ‘M’ gives voice to a man who was a victim of sexual abuse in his childhood, who denounced the media after recording the confession of one of his assailants.
country France
Address Yolande Zauberman
Script Yolande Zauberman
Photography Yolande Zauberman
Gender Documentary film
Duration 106 min.
Original title M
Premiere 01/31/2020

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