Mad Max: Charlize Theron wants to star in Furiosa's prequel

Several months ago it was confirmed that Mad Max's Furiosa would have a movie. The truth is that this film will not be starring Charlize Theron, something that makes the actress very sad.

TO Charlize Theron The pandemic does not stop it, and a new movie is about to be released in Netflix titled "The Old Guard". During the promotion of the film, in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter, he was asked about Furiosa, one of his great roles in the last decade, which will have a prequel that George Miller already has on the way. Before these queries, the actress of Mad Max revealed that "it breaks her heart" not to be the protagonist.

This sadness that Charlize Theron feels is due to the fact that George Miller made the decision to hire an actress in her 20s to star in the film. For this reason, Charlize is clearly disappointed that after the release of ‘Fury on the Road’ her Imperator Furiosa became an icon of popular culture and a benchmark for female characters in action movies.

"It is difficult to swallow," says Charlize Theron in relation to the news, "I totally respect George, even more than before doing 'Fury on the Road', he is a teacher and I wish him nothing but the best. But yeah, it's kind of heartbreaking. I really adore that character and I am so grateful to have been a part of his creation. It will always be someone you think about and think about with love. Obviously I would love for the story to continue and if he feels he has to do it this way, then I trust him. ”

In search of a new actress

Last May, George Miller confirmed that he had started casting in a meeting with The New York Times, where he also said that he would have liked to be able to rejuvenate Charlize Theron through CGI, but that he did not think that technology had advanced yet. Enough: “Despite the valiant attempts of 'The Irishman', I think there is still a strange valley. Everyone is on the verge of solving it, particularly Japanese video game designers, but I think there is still a fairly wide valley. ” The Mad Max director hopes to get the Furiosa spin-off rolling once he has completed Three Thousand Years of Longing, the drama with Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba he is working on. | Movies, comics and series