Mainframe Comic Con to Present Interactive Real-Time Convention Experience

Over 150 superstar guests from the world of comics, entertainment, and wrestling

This weekend, Mainframe Comic Con will present an ambitious and interactive real-time convention experience for fans of comics, pop culture, wrestling and more. Starting tonight on Friday, August 14. Mainframe Comic Con will feature more than 150 superstar guests and more than 60 live broadcast panels. The convention experience will also include artist alley shopping and live comic auctions. All donations made to Mainframe Comic Con will support the Hero Initiative, the first non-profit corporation strictly dedicated to helping comic creators in need.

"The current health crisis has resulted in the cancellation of conventions and fan events around the world, leaving the fan community eager for something new, while remaining in the safety and comfort of their own homes," said the co- Mainframe Comic Con creator Chad Ramsden. "This weekend's Mainframe Comic Con is the most ambitious online convention to date, with interactive panels, artist alley shopping and more."

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Mainframe Comic Con's live format allows audience questions and fan interaction with their favorite celebrities and comic creators. Guests to the event include cast members from AMC's NOS4A2, cast members from the iconic Justice League animated series (Phil Lamarr, Clancy Brown, George Newbern, Michael Rosenbaum, Carl Lumbly, Susan Eisenberg, Maria Canals- Barrera and Andrea Romano), Kevin Conroy, Lisa from Clancy Brown Ozark Emery and Robert Wuhl from Batman.

Comic creators include Brian Bendis, Sophie Campbell, Al Ewing, Matt Fraction, KellySue DeConnick, Jock, Tom King, Jonboy Meyers, Paolo Rivera, Mark Waid, and Chip Zdarsky. The panels will feature publishers including AHOY Comics, Albatross Funnybooks, AMA, Archie Comics, Heavy Metal Magazine, Humanoids, IDW, Magnetic Press, Source Point Press and Top Cow, and will showcase projects including THE BUSINESS OF INDEPENDENT COMIC BOOK PUBLISHING and INSIDER ART.

"Mainframe Comic Con is the largest virtual convention space ever created, with four separate panel rooms, each with 16 hours of live streaming, question and answer panels," said Mainframe Comic Con co-creator Chuck Lindsay. “What's exciting is that fans will have the ability to go from one panel to another without lines. And if you miss a panel like The Walking Dead Cast Party, with over twenty cast members gathered for a one-of-a-kind online dance party, you don't have to worry, because all the Mainframe Comic Con panels will be posted next. week on YouTube. "

Before the convention, guests shared their excitement for the event:

"Mainframe Comic Con means great conversation hosted by great people for a great cause, and it's the closest we've got to real conventions in a while, with no lines or cords to drag us down." - Matt Fraction

“It has been really sad to suddenly feel so disconnected from all the people I was going to see in person this summer while going to the comic shops and the Conventions to share Count Crowley. I really had to mourn the loss of those moments that I had been planning and dreaming about for so many years. Mainframe created a space where I could talk to a lot of those people, even if I was on my home set through a Zoom video. I felt like I had to connect and celebrate with so many people. Our virtual cosplay contest was the highlight of this bleak year for me! ”—Actor David Dastmalchian

“Toxie the Troma and I congratulate Chuck and his great team at Mainframe Comic Con. They have the best virtual convention, the most professional and educational out there! - Lloyd Kaufman, President of TROMA Entertainment

All panels can be visited by fans for free by visiting Fans can also purchase private celebrity encounters, as well as rare and collectible comics at Artist Alley, including the first appearance of Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine and the first issue of The Avengers. | Cinema, comics and series