Mark Ruffalo pressures Marvel for a new Hulk movie

Actor Mark Ruffalo has already shared details about his idea for another Hulk movie, which would be a story between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Mark Ruffalo He's made it very clear that he would love to return as Bruce Banner / Hulk anyway, but in a new interview, the actor reveals that he actually released an idea for a prequel movie of Professor Hulk to Marvel Studios.

His story would be set between the events of Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). That is, we could see how the character goes from being Dr. Bruce Banner with the Hulk inside who does not want to go out to a fusion of both. Banner's superior intellect with the body and strength of Marvel's green giant.

While talking to Jimmy Fallon, he reiterated his desire to explore how Banner and Hulk were able to fuse their personalities together to form a whole new set of people he refers to as "Bulk".

"That should have been his own movie," said Mark Ruffalo. “That's what I'm actually releasing, that time section… how did Banner become Bulk? I press the studio to make this story. "

Mark Ruffalo also confirmed an earlier report that he was initially concerned with signing to play Banner / Hulk in the first Avengers movie, but Robert Downey Jr. convinced him to take on the role after a phone call.

"I got a call from Downey. I should have, that I was, you know, wandering around and screaming, and he just said, Ruffalo, let's go. Let's do this Iron Man style. And after that, I thought, I guess I have to do it. "

Are there film rights problems?

There are still some rights issues preventing Marvel from doing a solo Hulk adventure, so even if the studio accepts Mark Ruffalo's idea, they should negotiate with Universal. However, the actor is expected to return as the great green hero for the series. Disney + She-Hulk. | Movies, comics and series