Mark Ruffalo's support for Chris Evas after his blunder

Chris Evans was trending over the weekend for showing an intimate image that attracted attention. Following this, Mark Ruffalo showed his support and lifted his spirits.

By a small slip, Chris Evans momentarily made public something that definitely should not circulate on social networks. As expected, unfortunately the Marvel actor became a trend for this fact. The good thing is that his co-worker Mark Ruffalo showed his support through social networks and wanted to lift his spirits.

It all started when this weekend, Chris Evans recorded a moment of family fun with his cell phone to post it from Instagram Stories. However, before stopping the recording, it briefly captured the reel of the device, where a photograph of male genitalia could be seen. The actor was not aware of this involuntary leak in time and for a few seconds (before deleting the story) such an image was available to his more than six million followers.

The incident has returned to trending Chris Evans on Twitter over the past 24 hours. And the reactions are diverse: there are those who debate the nature of the photo in question (it is not confirmed that these are the actor's intimate parts) and there are also users who, of course, make jokes or memes about the matter. But there are also the fans who demand that their privacy be respected.

Mark Ruffalo's support

With the intention of counteracting the viralization of the accidentally leaked image, several have flooded Twitter with photographs of the celebrity in the company of his dog or from the set of Avengers: Endgame. For its part, Mark Ruffalo chose to console Chris Evans by suggesting that no mistake he made could even equal the slip-ups of Donald trump as president of the USA

“Brother, as long as Trump is still president, there is nothing you can do to embarrass yourself. You see? The positive side of things, "wrote the mocking Hulk interpreter. | Cinema, comics and series

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