Marvel and fans mock Tom Holland on social media

On social media, Marvel openly mocked Tom Holland and laughter and memes erupted. Find out why!

Tom Holland became very young in Spider-Man. His acting level, his sympathy and his spontaneity cataloged him as one of the funniest Peter Parkers of recent times. And thanks to this and his great work, the actor became famous all over the world. This is how he won many fans, who are always aware of the interpreter and remember everything he did or said. But this level of fanaticism just played a trick on him as he became Marvel's new make-me-laugh for a comment he made in 2018!

Along with Sebastián Stan and Anthony Mackie, Tom Holland visited Ace Comic - Con in Seattle in 2018, where they discussed their work at Marvel Studios. It was at that precise moment where the interpreter of Falcon confessed not to have seen Spider-Man, something that left astonished to Tom Holland, who did not hesitate to reply saying: “I have not seen the Falcon movie. Oh no, there isn't one, sorry. "

They all laugh at him

After this comment, those present in the room applauded Tom Holland, but today it is precisely that phrase that has come against him. It is that, as is known, Anthony Mackie became, at the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the new Captain America. And as if this were not enough, the actor will also star in movie number four of the famous superhero.

The news, which was released by Marvel immediately after the Disney Plus series ended, made fans remember that Tom Holland mockery. And, unsurprisingly, they were quick to react with memes on Twitter.

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