Marvel drives fans crazy with Keanu Reeves

It's an old Marvel Studios longing to be able to count on actor Keanu Reeves for their movies and it may soon come true.

It may just have been a gesture of affection towards one of the best actors of today as he is Keanu reeves, but the UK twitter account of Marvel has driven fans of the Cinematic Universe crazy by congratulating the actor's birthday.

Since they have caused many people to think that there is some kind of secret agreement between Marvel and Keanu reevesThat's why speculation has skyrocketed. Fans are already assigning him the best characters like Namor, Wolverine, Ghost Rider or Mister Fantastic. But unfortunately, for now there is no official confirmation.

In Marvel's tweet you could read:

“Keanu Reeves has had a career resurgence in recent years, and that was in large part due to the John Wick film series. Keanu is celebrating his 57th birthday today and hopefully he will receive gifts. Many gifts".

Will one of those gifts be a contract with Marvel Studios? Hopefully they will reveal it soon. But don't look for the tweet because it has been mysteriously deleted.

Marvel drives fans crazy with Keanu Reeves

Marvel drives fans crazy with Keanu Reeves

The actor has already been with the executives of the film studio.

It's no secret that Marvel Studios has reunited with some of the hottest actors. For example Henry cavill and Keanu reeves.

In fact, the president of Marvel, Kevin FeigeSaid that: “We talk to him in almost every movie we make. We spoke to Keanu Reeves about. I don't know when, if or ever he will join Marvel Studios, but we want to find the right way to do it. "

Would you like the actor to sign for Marvel Studios? What character could he play? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section. Hopefully they will confirm it soon, but in the meantime, we can see the rest of the installments of the saga in the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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