Marvel leaves the great story of Thor untold

Thor returned to Marvel and showed new powers. Unfortunately, this epic moment reminded fans of how much content was removed this year.

Attention SPOILERS of the Marvel comic Empyre # 6 by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia and Joe Caramagna. The event of Empyre of Marvel it was slated to be a very broad story that impacts multiple characters. The original plan included around 50 issues, counting both the main plot and the different links. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than a third of the planned posts were canceled. The remaining plot was still engaging and provided exciting conflict, but many stories were left unfinished like Thor's.

The history of God of Thunder Marvel would have revolved around his mother, Gaea. It started early in the series, but disappeared in what would have been its arc of three numbers within Empyre. Unfortunately, the Thor miniseries was one of those that got cut due to the pandemic. Empyre went on regardless and set a tense scene for the final conflict where Thor had new powers for the invaders to Cotati they were not prepared.

While many believe that the mother of the God of Thunder is Frigga, Marvel has revealed that his mother is actually Gaea, the goddess of Earth.

This revelation creates a new appreciation for Thor's connection to Earth and all he has done to protect it. In Empyre # 6, Marvel heroes were scattered. The invasion of Earth by the Cotati was overwhelming and the leaders of the alien race successfully planted the Flower of Death in Wakanda. If the Flower of Death were to bloom, then all plant life in the galaxy would be under the control of the Cotati. In response, a Hulkling impostor activated the Pyre, a weapon that could detonate Earth's sun. With Mr. Fantastic and Hombre de Hierro Dealing with those more important problems, the mightiest heroes on Earth fought the Cotati warriors.

The Heavenly Messiah, Quoi, told the heroes that it was a foolish endeavor, as Cotati are plant-like creatures with strong grasps on Earth's vegetation. Thor made his epic entrance, enveloped in green lightning, and quickly disagreed. He said to Quoi: "... I am the son of this world." Thor did not say he was "a" son, but "the" son. "I am Thor, the son of Gaea!" He rose above the strong Cotati warriors, rebuked them for their arrogance and declared that their powers were "revoked". With a massive hit of green lightning, the Cotati began to fall and their control over Earth's vegetation no longer existed.

This was a short entry on Empyre that only covered two pages of the final issue.

However, these two pages reveal a lot about Thor's journey with Gaea. First, Thor is no longer just the protector of Earth, but the son of Earth. While his heroic actions have made him welcome on the planet, it was his disgust at the Cotati invasion that revealed his earthly pride and heritage.

Second, Thor has received some power upgrades in his time away from the Avengers. The color green certainly reflects his connection to Earth, but his attack on the Cotati was not simply lightning. His powers increased his control of vegetation, which implies that he also has some control over plant life. It's unclear how developed these powers are, but Thor seemed capable while using them.

Thor's adventure with Gea clearly gave him new powers, but also a new pride. Given what happened in Empyre # 6, the abandoned bow likely would have represented an awakening for Thor. He accepted his heritage and used that new understanding to make himself more powerful. It is unknown if Marvel will review the missing links, present them as a new story, or keep them canceled. For now, Empyre represents what could have been. The story was interesting, but too many characters were deprived of the opportunity to grow. | Cinema, comics and series