Marvel Studios could add 3 Greek gods to their movies very soon

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe is changing and now they want to add characters from the comics that will give a lot to talk about.

On Marvel studios Gods exist or rather they are super powerful aliens like Odin, Thor or Hela. But in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder the villain Gorr will be killing these types of beings that are throughout the galaxy.

If by now we have been introduced to the gods of Norse mythology in Marvel studios, in the next installments we will begin to see Greek gods. In fact, the most immediate plans is for us to see 3 of the most famous.

Attention SPOILERS. The first will be Zeus, which will be interpreted by Russell crowe on Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), something that the actor himself confirmed. But also in other deliveries they will add to Hercules Y Ares.

Marvel Studios could add 3 Greek gods to their movies very soon

They will be versions similar to the comics.

As is usual Marvel studios he usually changes the origin of lesser known characters to fit them in the best way in his Cinematic Universe. In the comics, Hercules Y Ares they are both children of Zeus and they have a rivalry similar to Thor Y Loki. As Hercules He is a longtime hero, avenger, and ally of the God of Thunder, though they have fought as many times as they have been out on the town. In the meantime, Ares He was originally a villain, but has become an antihero of late.

There are certain rumors that could feature all of these characters in the movie of The Eternals (2021) since the Olympians have long ties with this team of superheroes that we will see soon in Marvel studios. Obviously, chances are high that they will also appear alongside their father in Thor: Love and Thunder. After all, Christian bale is playing Gorr, the Butcher of Gods in the movie. But it seems that Zeus will not survive that confrontation, while Hercules Y Ares they will have a longer history in the MCU.

While we wait for all this news to be confirmed, you can see all the movies of Marvel studios on the Disney + streaming platform, following this link.

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