Marvel Studios could introduce a great villain in The Eternals (2021)

The Eternals movie will have many surprises and could even add a great villain to the Marvel Studios collection.

As we already know, Marvel studios often changes the origin of some little-known characters in comics. So it is not surprising that many things that we will see in the movie of The Eternals will be different from the stories of Jack Kirby. Of this new installment of UCM We have little information, since they have not shown a trailer and that we are a few weeks away from what would have been its first release date if it were not for the Coronavirus. This is causing so much speculation and now it is rumored that the true villain will be the cosmic entity named Oblivion.

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There are two very interesting unknowns about the Marvel Studios movie The Eternals, the first is where they have been all this time and the second who will be the villain.

To the first question, the answer can be found in the comics, since these characters were very powerful in the past. Even humans considered them gods, something similar to what Norse civilization did to the Asgardians. But sometime hundreds of years ago one of them named Sprite (Lia McHugh) by mistake he plunged them into a deep sleep. Now they live like normal people and only wake up after the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019) where everything Marvel Studios changes.

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While to the question of who is the villain, some merchandising indicates that it will be the deviant Kro, since its presence is itself a global threat. But there could be more. Since now it is speculated that Oblivion, will be behind everything.

There are very few entities in the comics that are powerful enough to match the Celestials, but the most exciting possibility is an entity called Oblivion.

If in Marvel Studios, the Celestials created life on the planets and experimented with different beings, Oblivion would do the opposite.

This being is an avatar that represents destruction, a force against the expansion of the universe, and annihilation is in its nature. "I can't help but wish the end of all things," he has once commented in the Oblivion comics. “It is in my nature, my own identity, because my name… for some, at least… is Oblivion. Before creation, I was. Where creation ends, I hope. I am the void. The breath between life and death. Between death and rebirth. The nothingness from which everything springs ”.

If the Celestials were creating The Eternals in those ancient times, then naturally Oblivion would have opposed them, seeking to destroy the universe they inhabited alive. So now I could act as a threat in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe just like he did Dormammu at the time Doctor Strange (2016).

Marvel Studios Eternals will premiere on November 5, 2021. | Cinema, comics and series