Marvel Studios hires director Alejandra López

The director and actress Alejandra López (My princess, The Blue Cape) despite having a somewhat scarce filmography by Marvel Studios.

The director herself Alejandra Lopez has shared on his social networks that he has joined the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, in a project that is still kept secret. But she confirmed that the next step in her career has taken her to Burbank, California, and accompanies it with a photo in a studio with the Marvel logo clearly above her head.

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It is not known in which project Marvel studios is involved. Since each of the officially announced Phase 4 films have directors at this stage. It also seems unlikely that Alejandra Lopez I'm working on something like Blade, X Men or The Fantastic Four that supposedly will restart shortly.

You may have signed for a Disney + series.

As Marvel studios bet heavily on streaming, currently there are many options in Disney +. So it is possible that she is one of the managers who will work in WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki or even in upcoming releases like Cabllero Luna Y She-hulk. Whatever the case, this post has generated a lot of speculation online about what it has been tasked with working on.

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Alejandra Lopez She is not a big name in the directing world, and is perhaps best known for directing the short film. The Blue Cape (He also directed the short films ADDitude and Fulano). The filmmaker also has a background in writing and acting, so it remains to be seen what she will bring to Marvel studios. Whose managers are showing that they do not mind giving opportunities to directors who do not have a very large curriculum. Since they will surely look for professionals who follow the line set by the film studio. | Cinema, comics and series