Marvel Studios prepares the return of Red Skull

Marvel Studios Theory: Why Was Red Skull Deformed and Captain America Not?

Red Skull / Johann Schmidt is a very shocking villain from Marvel Studios who could take on the new Captain America.

The story of Red Skull on Marvel studios is very interesting, since it got the Tesseract with the Space Gem and managed to make weapons with it. In fact, he was about to bomb the United States, something that would have been fatal. Luckily the Captain America / Steve Rogers I was there to save the day Although that caused him to end up frozen in ice.

During the fight of these two characters, Red Skull was absorbed by the power of Tesseract and we never heard from him again until he appeared in Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Since he became the guardian of the Soul Gem and told Thanos what he had to sacrifice to get it. Then he repeated in Avengers: Endgame (2019) but this time he met Black widow Y Hawk Eye. Furthermore, he would supposedly also clash with his arch nemesis the Captain America. As Steve Rogers had to return the Gem once Thanos He was defeated.

Now they want this villain to return.

The new Captain America will be Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), which until now had the identity of Falcon. In his future adventures in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, he could face Red Skullas they want me to come back. But it is not clear how this could happen. Since he's serving eternal damnation in To sleep. Although surely some type of magic or hex can be invented that can bring it back and thus try to conquer Earth. Because what is clear is that he is a villain with a lot of potential and it would surely be shocking if he faced a new version of the Captain America.

The first time we saw Red Skull was interpreted by Hugo weaving (Matrix, The Lord of the Rings), but in the two Avengers installments he was replaced by the actor Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead). The movies of Marvel studios in which the character has participated can be seen in Disney + following this link.

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