Marvel Studios regains the rights of a great character

After giving up the rights to the characters, Marvel Studios is recovering them all to be able to put them in its Cinematic Universe.

The overwhelming majority of programs Marvel of Netflix were well received by fans and critics alike, with the notable exception of Iron fist, which is generally recognized as the worst of the bunch by quite a distance. This is why there were so many complaints when Daredevil, Jessica Jones Y The punisher They were canceled, but nobody cared that Danny rand of Finn jones had no more seasons. Although the character in the comics is quite shocking and would be a great signing for Marvel studios.

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An area in which Iron fist It stood out in the fight scenes as it was a martial arts-based series, but everything else, from the performances to the rhythm, was the subject of much criticism. The first season was only able to score 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, while the second season improved somewhat at a disappointing 55%.

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After passing through Netflix, there was a two-year hold on each property before the rights officially reverted to Marvel studios, and now all that time has passed, therefore they could restart it and add it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a movie or series of Disney +. Which is great news because of the great potential it has.

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Of course, that does not mean that Kevin Feige have important plans for Danny rand, especially given the disappointing response to the latest version of the character. That said, the production of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (2021) is back on track, now after a long hiatus. So with the rumors that the movie involves a wrestling tournament, this could get them to add to Iron fist with some cameo. Although it is already known that Marvel studios work very cautiously with characters who have already been in other movie studios. That's why we haven't seen the Fantastic Four or the Mutants yet. | Cinema, comics and series

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