Marvel Studios reveals Bruce Banner's attempts to take down the Hulk

Bruce Banner has always wanted to end the Hulk because he does not allow him to lead a normal life. Something that Marvel Studios knew how to explore in the movies.

The second film that was released from Marvel Cinematic Universe Its the The incredible Hulk (2008), in it Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) he spends all his time looking for a cure to stop being Hulk. He tries to be isolated and not get into trouble, but there are many people who look for him and when he gets angry the green giant comes out that destroys everything.

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The next time we saw him was in The Avengers (2012), Black widow (Scarlett Johansson) meets Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to join them. He mentions again that nothing can take down the Hulk and has tried in different ways. After Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) realizes that he will not be accepted and decides to leave. Thus ends in Sakaar, where he fights like a gladiator. After being defeated by Thanos he returns to Earth. But as time passes, Bruce Banner's mind merges with the Hulk's body. Creating a new character that has the best of both worlds.

So he tried to kill the green monster inside.

Now in a new book titled The Wakanda Archives: A Tech Exploration of the Avengers and BeyondWe have an idea of ​​the desperate ways in which Bruce Banner tried to treat her condition. His notes show him focusing on stress and the elevated heart rate that makes him become Hulk. Theorizing that the right drugs could work.

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“My recent work has resulted in the creation of an antiarrhythmic that slows my pulse down to about one beat per minute. I was surprised that with the right settings, the cardiological potential of the drug could help alleviate the stress that incites incidents with the Hulk. "

All movies of Marvel studios can currently be seen in Diseny +. Hopefully soon we can see the Hulk again in the cinema. | Cinema, comics and series