Marvel Studios Reveals Who Wants To Create More Super Soldiers

Captain America is the great super soldier of Marvel Studios but there have been a few who have wanted to replicate the formula.

First was HYDRA who tried their luck creating a super soldier, but the result was Red Skull and it didn't exactly turn out as expected. Then the Americans got it, turning the little skinny Steve Rogers in the Captain America. But now currently someone else in Marvel studios try to replicate the formula.

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While the story of the Infinity saga is quite easy to follow, there are still many details and secrets in it. Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Now they have detailed very interesting aspects in the book The Wakanda Files, where we found out that Shuri, the sister of Black panther, wants to create more super soldiers based on the experiments of the US government and HYDRA during WWII.

This is how Shuri herself explains it: “If we are going to synthesize, and by improving the process, an ancient Wakanda herb, we must first study supplementation where others have tried and succeeded. And also, where they have failed ”.

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Heroes and science go hand in hand.

In Marvel studios, the transformation of Red Skull failed because his serum lacked radioactive exposure. Steve Rogers He was exposed to the Vita-Rays. Bruce Banner he became a huge monster of rage because he was exposed to gamma radiation. It is likely that they also used the gamma radiation from the Tesseract to enhance Bucky barnes, without forgetting all that particles can do Pym. further HYDRA discovered a way to expose subjects to the cosmic rays emitted by the Mind Stone and transformed them.

If the rumors are true, Wakanda you will need supersoldiers, as in future deliveries of Marvel studios we could get to see the confrontation of this African country against Atlantis leadered by Namor. | Cinema, comics and series