Marvel Studios wants to create a Deadpool Cinematic Universe

One of the great characters that will impact the most in the coming years will be Deadpool and that is why Marvel Studios has very big plans.

First they are creating a very big movie like Spider-man 3 (2021) that will introduce the concept of the multiverse and will also appear Electro, Doctor Strange and the versions of Peter parker of the actors Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield. But that could be too small with the big plans they have with Deadpool, that will turn Ryan reynolds in the highest paid actor of Marvel studios.

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According to reports, company executives want multiple versions of Deadpool in future movies and are now discussing creating an authentic Deadpool Cinematic Universe. After all, the studio already confirmed that Wade Wilson had big plans, and as the information points out, there could be some very cool things going on from now on.

It could even introduce mutants to the MCU.

This bold plan on a multiverse would certainly cure what Ryan reynolds previously described as an "alarming lack of Deadpool" in Marvel studios. So if they give it so much importance, it is because it can serve as a connecting link for all those characters who want to introduce little by little. As for example the mutants of the X Men.

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Since since Disney bought FOX, they recovered the film rights of many characters and the biggest problem is adding them in the Avengers movies without breaking the continuity of Marvel studios and for that Deadpool it is perfect. Since it can break the rules of space-time at any moment.

Now it is speculated that Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness (2022), it will be the first movie in which we will see Deadpool and then from there he will be a very important member of Marvel studios. So if you are a fan of the character or Ryan reynolds this is very good news. | Cinema, comics and series

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