Marvel Studios wants to steal a character from SONY

The Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe will be expanding with new characters and they want to add one whose rights belong to SONY.

As we already know, Marvel studios owns the rights to all of his comic book characters, except for Spider-man and the entire Universe that surrounds him. For now, Disney Y SONY have reached good agreements and that is why we can see Tom holland What Peter parker in the Avengers. But, there are still others like Venom or Morbius that are on the sidelines.

SONY after the success it meant Venom In 2018 where they raised more than 856 million dollars, he has decided to continue exploiting all those characters he owns. That is why they are making the sequel to the symbiote starring Tom hardy Y Morbius the living vampire what has to Jared Leto like a big star. But they have more plans and they want to adapt to Kraven the hunter, Spider-woman, Silver Sable or Black cat. But Marvel studios He also knows that they have a lot of potential and that is why he wants to add to Spider-woman to his Cinematographic Universe.

Spider-Woman could be part of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe

They want to increase the roster of female characters in the MCU.

Series such as Ms. Marvel, Ironheart Y She-hulkBesides, now they want the project of Spider-woman directed by Olivia wilde starring women is within Marvel studios, instead of being part of the movies of SONY. It seems that both studios are close to closing the deal and also Jessica Drew, will not only have his solo installment, but will be important in future installments of the Avengers.

There are also rumors that go further that indicate that it could be Emilia clarke the next Spider-woman on Marvel studios. Since the actress who rose to world fame thanks to the Game of Thrones series has been confirmed to Secret invasion. So they could introduce her into that series and then have her solo movie directed by Olivia wilde.

Surely soon we will have a lot of news about the signings of Marvel studios, but while we wait we can see all the movies and series in the Disney + streaming platform by following this link.

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