Marvel Studios would be planning the return of a powerful villain

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series has meant the return of some MCU characters, but Marvel Studios could still bring us more characters back including a powerful villain.

No project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has spawned as many fan theories as WandaVision, which spawned at least a dozen of them every time an episode aired. Of course, that was to be expected when Marvel Studios' first Disney + exclusive series focused on the very fabric of reality, and a recurring notion was the idea that one of its villains, Ultron, played by James Spader would do a surprise appearance.

The Ultron design that Joss Whedon wanted and that Marvel rejected

It all started when Spader was seen on IMDb among the cast members of WandaVision, and continued several weeks after Monica Rambeau named the malevolent artificial intelligence in an episode, which did not sit well with Wanda Maximoff. Of course, as soon as Evan Peters appeared as a version of Pietro, the rumor gained traction once again, if only because Ultron was responsible for the death of the real Quicksilver in the second Avengers installment.

At the moment it seems that we will see it in the animated series, What if…?

Obviously, Ultron never made it into the series, but insider Daniel Richtman has revealed that Marvel Studios would be interested in bringing Spader's Ultron back to fight the Scarlet Witch in a future MCU project. However, it is expected that the star of The Blacklist lend your voice in What If…? After leaking a concept art showing Ultron wielding the infinity gems, perhaps any conversation the actor has had with the studio regarding an animated comeback could have also revolved around a comeback in action. real.

Marvel Studios would be planning the return of a powerful villain

Marvel Studios would be planning the return of a powerful villain

As for where it could happen? Well, if we were to speculate, Doctor Strange and the multiverse of insanity would be the logical and obvious choice. Not only will the plot see Scarlet Witch travel through countless alternate realities to find her children, it is the only Marvel Studios film or production for which Elizabeth Olsen is officially confirmed at this time, and an Ultron cameo. makes perfect narrative sense given the story the characters share.

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