Marvel to make Ryan Reynolds highest-paid actor

After Disney bought FOX, Marvel Studios will reboot the mutants except Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool who will be included in the MCU.

There are currently a large number of comic book movies in development, but few of them have been subject to as much speculation and uncertainty as Deadpool 3 starring Ryan reynolds. For now we do not know the plans Marvel studios and if the solo movie will arrive first or if they decide to introduce the character in some other installment or series of Disney +.

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Not even Ryan reynolds has been able to offer a lot of concrete updates, which might make sense. After all, now that the character is owned by Disney, you probably don't have as much creative control as you used to. And the actor is reportedly starting to get a bit frustrated with the time it takes to get started with Deadpool 3. Especially since his schedule is very tight and he's in negotiations for multiple different projects.

But it seems that Marvel does indeed have big plans for Deadpool.

Despite the silence surrounding the character and the film, they actually hope to turn Ryan reynolds in the highest paid star of the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Apparently, Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios team are looking to sign a very lucrative deal with the actor, which would supposedly include a lot of money and multiple appearances. No further details were revealed, but it would be "the biggest deal in Marvel Studios history." Surpassing even what he won Robert Downey Jr. for playing Hombre de Hierro.

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Unfortunately, it is not known how much the star will pocket or exactly how many movies it would cover. But clearly, Marvel plans to do a lot with Deadpool in the years to come and that can only be good news for Ryan Reynolds, as well as fans of the more talkative and difficult-to-kill character. So there is no need to worry because soon we will have Deadpool all over the place. | Cinema, comics and series