Marvel will add mutant Firestar to its films

According to reports, Marvel wants Firestar to be the first X-Men mutant to appear in any of the films in the franchise.

The X Men will arrive at Marve Cinematic Universel sooner or later. But it seems that the first mutants that will be introduced will not be the best known as Wolverine, Cyclops or Jean gray. Since it is speculated that it will be Firestar (Fire Star) the first to appear in the movies.

If you intend to imitate Marvel comics, it should be Spider-man 3 the first installment of UCM where we would see Firestar. Although there would be the curious situation that a character who belonged to 20th Century Fox made his debut in a movie that is finally owned by Sony.

Who is this character?

Firestar or Angelica Jones, debuted in the 1981 animated series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. She is a mutant who has the ability to manipulate microwaves and, in turn, the powers to create heat and flames. Throughout the Marvel stories, Firestar has not only been a member of the X Men, but has also made a group with the New Warriors, a team that often consists of teenage or young adult superheroes. But it has also been with the Avengers.

Marvel needs new characters that impact the audience. Since they have lost Iron Man and Captain America, we are also looking at the latest Thor and Black Widow movies. Therefore a new generation must take its place. Although it is curious that if they wanted to add a superhero that controlled the fire, the logical bet would be that they opted for Johnny Storm, better known for the Human Torch, which belongs to the Fantastic Four. Since it is much more popular in comics than Firestar.

Even so, it will be interesting to see how more and more characters with powers are added. Which young actress should play Firestar in Marvel movies? Leave us your comments below. | Movies, comics and series