Marvel would change X-Men title for a more inclusive one

New rumors ensure that Marvel could change the title of X-Men. Apparently, the reason would be that they are looking for a more inclusive name for the times in which we live.

Now that the mutants have been adopted by DisneyThere is no doubt that the heroes commanded by Professor Xavier will now lead a very different line from that followed by 20th Century Fox. After all, these characters and their narratives will have to adapt to the already consolidated Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and soon the Eternal. But regardless of this, rumors have come that the changes that the saga will undergo X Men to join the MCU they will be reflected from the title they hold.

This week, WeGotThisCovered reported hearing that Marvel he does not agree very much on retaking the name with which we have known the mutant group. According to the medium, the company chaired by Kevin Feige I would feel that X Men ("X Men") points to a team made up solely of men. Adhering to such a name would have repercussions on the current yearnings of the study to exalt diversity in its productions. Therefore, discussions would have already been held within Marvel studios to decide whether or not to change the title for something more inclusive.

New changes on the way

Interestingly, recent criticism of the "X-Men" label may come more from the realms of fiction than from the plane of reality. In 2018, with an evident mocking tone, the protagonist of Deadpool 2 He said he was outraged at the machismo implicit in the group's name and hence decided to call his own group "X-Force" (even if it was not very original). A year later, in Dark PhoenixMystique stressed that it is always women who save the day, so the mutants of Charles Xavier should be called "X-Women."

Could it be that Marvel Studios will actually invent a new name for the X-Men? It should be added that WeGotThisCovered supports their sources by stating that they also anticipated (long ago) the development of the third installments of Now You See Me and National Treasure, projects that would later be confirmed. | Movies, comics and series

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