Marvel would plan to introduce the Alpha Flight team to the MCU

There are new rumors circulating on the internet regarding Marvel's plans. It appears that the Alpha Flight team may be joining the MCU very soon.

According to new rumors, Marvel studios is already planning the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe and it seems that the team of Alpha Flight I could be very lucky. One of the first media to mention this was ComicBook, which also takes on the task of clarifying that, although there is still nothing confirmed, it would not be unreasonable for heroes to make their appearance on the big screen in the not too distant future, especially when you consider that the powerful gang has very close ties to the X-Men., who are already confirmed to be part of the franchise chaired by Kevin Feige.

The first person to shed a little light on the studio's intentions was Caleb Williams of the Knight Edge Media portal. In fact, This website states that the appearance of the Alpha Flight team in a film would serve as a kind of prelude to the highly anticipated arrival of a second version of Wolverine on celluloid..

But ... what is the relationship of Alpha Flight with the mutants? For starters, they are Canadians, which is why they have always maintained a solid friendship with Logan, who is also a native of that country. In comics, for example, the hero of the claws was (for a long time) a member of the so-called "Canadian Avengers", whom he ran into on the road after his turbulent service to the Weapon X program. The team was even led by Captain Marvel herself.

At the moment, this news is nothing more than a rumor. The reality is that many rumors linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Remember that yesterday we told you that Dwayne Johnson could join the team, and Marvel studios I would be available to create even a character for him. | Movies, comics and series