Marwan Kenzari would have signed to play the villain of Black Adam

Several reports confirm that Marwan Kenzari will join the cast of Black Adam and will play Ishmael Gregor, better known as Sabbac.

Black adam is the latest DC Comics character to make the leap to the big screen. Dwayne johnson He will play Black Adam in one of the most anticipated live action films. Although with production delays, the adaptation continues to take shape and has already been announced to much of the cast. Taking into account that Black Adam is more of an antihero one of the doubts that have been raised is who he would face. Now we have answers.

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According to reports from The Illuminerdi, it is known that the studio is looking for a 40-year-old actor to play a strong supporting role and who will play a villain named Ishmael. It is also reported that there is great interest in the actor Marwan kenzari. In the description of the character revealed by Illuminerdi it is said that this is a descendant of a murdered pharaoh and that he seeks to gain the powers of the crown of Sabbac.

Marwan Kenzari is a Tunisian / Dutch actor who rose to fame after his role in the live-action film of Aladdin playing Jafar. Recently, he appeared in the Netflix movie the old guard with Charlize Theron. Although for now all are rumors, it must be borne in mind that in a similar way The Illuminerdi also advanced the signing of Sarah Shahi.

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Who is Sabbac?

In the comics, Sabbac He was introduced in the 1940s as the enemy of Captain Marvel JR. His powers include throwing fire from his mouth and hands in addition to other superhuman abilities. The version of Ishmael Gregor It is introduced in 2004. In it is a member of the Russian mafia who searches for the bearer of Sabbac and kills him to obtain his powers. Gregor uses Sabbac's powers to unleash demons on Earth and in turn gain more power in the mafia until he reaches Las Vegas. If Marwan Kenzari plays Ishmael Gregor, the character's Russian nationality will most likely be ignored.

The truth is that Sabbac is more related as an enemy of Shazam than Black Adam. But this would be a great opportunity for him DC Extended Universe to reinforce and spin the elements of the Shazam universe. In addition, Sabbac would present a real threat to Black Adam. It would also be an opportunity to redeem the character in live action. Ishmael Gregor appeared in the fifth season of Arrow as a forever member of the mob and his powers were not explored.

If Marwan Kenzari finally plays Sabbac he will join the cast with Dwayne johnson as Black Adam, Aldis hodge as Hawkman and Sarah shasi. Black Adam was due to hit theaters in December 2021. But following changes to the Warner Bros release schedule, the film has been delayed. For the moment It is unknown when Black Adam will be released, but production is still going on. | Cinema, comics and series