Matrix 4 theory explains NEO's resurrection

One of the great unknowns of Matrix 4 is knowing why NEO (Keanu Reeves) returns if he died in the third installment. Now we give an interesting explanation.

If the main film franchises have something in common, it is that the death of one of their protagonists does not have to be the end. Because with a simple twist of the script, anyone can return. So it is normal that in Matrix 4 we can see again NEO (Keanu Reeves), the chosen one who saved humanity through his sacrifice will return for a new adventure. But how?

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A few actors from the original trilogy will return, but as the protagonist and focus of the overall narrative, it will be the resurrection of NEO that will impact viewers the most and for now we have few details. Since they have only commented that Matrix 4 will be a beautiful love story set after the events of the first three installments. So this rules out the prequel.

However, the latest theory circulating the Internet offers a solid explanation for the big comeback.

It is speculated that NEO could remain dead in the real world, but the code of his alter ego could still exist within the Matrix. The Oracle has similarly returned already, so it's not crazy to think that NEO remains locked in the digital realm. That would be an easy way to see it again in Matrix 4.

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That could also set the plot in motion. As a new group of heroes try to fight against a new threat by finding the necessary code to reset the "chosen one" and help them turn the tide of the situation. It would also place NEO on the same level as The Oracle or The Architect. Who do not have physical forms but are an integral part of the composition of the Matrix.

It is no exaggeration to imagine that the Matrix could store the NEO data in its memory, but without the physical body to connect it to the Matrix. So your data would be floating uselessly in the digital ether, like leaving files saved to a hard drive after you've uninstalled a game. Matrix 4 could be less about resurrecting NEO and more about turning that residual data into a sentient being in its own right, similar to what was raised in Tron: Legacy (2010). This would fit perfectly with the images on set that have emerged from the filming of the movie. These shots show an older NEO in everyday clothes, seemingly inside the Matrix and just as oblivious to his own importance as he was at the beginning of the original film.

The franchise's allegory of Jesus in relation to NEO wasn't subtle at all, so the resurrection in Matrix 4 would also present the next logical step. As well as avoiding the many plot holes you might stumble into when trying to explain why someone who lost their eyesight and then died in the real world two decades ago is suddenly back and it's like nothing happened. .

Matrix 4 will be released on December 22, 2022. | Cinema, comics and series