Matt Reeves (the Batman) to make an Atlantis movie for Netflix

Although he is currently shooting The Batman, director Matt Reeves has signed a deal with Netflix to produce a movie about Atlantis.

The movie In Search of Atlantis (The Hunt for Atlantis), recently acquired by Netflix, will be produced by the director of The Batman (2021) Matt reeves and Adam Kassan of 6th & Idaho. The actor Aaron Berg He will also write and produce the film, which is based on the novel of the same name by Andy McDermott. This story is the first in a series of 15 books known as the Saga of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase. So Netflix has the potential to turn the series into a huge movie franchise.

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Not much information about this movie has been revealed so far, but according to the trailer for The batman From Matt Reeves and his previous works, viewers can expect a thrilling action / adventure movie with plenty of mystery. Also, like Aaron Berg, he was in talks for a while to direct the film. Tales from the Borderlands and he's a comedy actor, audiences can also anticipate some exciting jokes and sequences. A very interesting and perfect mix for Netflix.

It could be a cross between Indiana Jones, The Quest, and the Tomb Raider.

Matt Reeves is building a great career in Hollywood and it is clear that his film The Batman will take him to the top or may sink him, as he is a character with very demanding fans. Therefore In search of Atlantis it's a smart move while you're creating your own Dark Knight trilogy.

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The Synopsis for In Search of Atlantis reads:

Years after her parents disappeared, brilliant New York University graduate student Nina Wilde teams up with arrogant former British SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase when a tech billionaire sends them on a worldwide race to discover the legendary lost city.

Later titles revolved around the pursuit of the mythical sword Excalibur, the great hall of Valhalla, the Fountain of Youth and the golden city of El Dorado.

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