Meet Erica the robot actress who shoots $ 70 million movie

Robotic technology is evolving over time. Previously, the penetration of robots was only used in industrial areas such as production and logistics. However, manufacturers and system integrators are developing innovations in other sectors such as home and education, for example. Today we can find educational robots, domestic cleaning robots and even home assistants, indicates Beatríz Cámara, a columnist in Eldulcehogar.

In that sense, robotic technology and artificial intelligence are advancing in all areas and the film industry does not escape this reality. A clear example is Erica, the first robot actress to star in her own movie, which has a budget of close to $ 70 million.

Who is Erica?

Erica is a creation that revolves around the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. It is one of the most recent advances in Japanese industry and has many years of development behind it. Ishiguro Hiroshi, created it together with Ogawa Kohei at the Universities of Osaka and Kyoto.

The new robot actress was conceived with the aim of feeling and expressing emotions of all kinds, a reality very close to futuristic films. In principle, Erica did not have a body that allowed her to move, she was only capable of holding very human conversations and totally unrelated to the automated operations that we are used to.

Over time, Ishiguro and Ogawa have incorporated and taught him numerous roles. Among them, the interpretation, something that allows him to acquire roles different from his real being. They have had to create various motivations in the robot, in addition to controlling its movements and speed when speaking. This will allow Erica to avoid speeding up conversations, or slowing them down excessively. These attributes have opened up a range of possibilities that the film industry has not wanted to miss.

Erica's movie

The movie will be called Erica. Bondit Capital Media, the company behind the financing of films such as Down to the Bones or the Oscar-nominated film, Loving Vincent, is behind this new project that will star Erica. Currently b. Happy Moon Productions, the Belgian production company and New York-based Ten Ten Global Media, have teamed up with Bondit to take on production costs so futuristic that it could be a revolution for the film industry.

The film tells the story of a scientist who creates a program to delve into the secrets of human DNA. However, you will later realize the dangers of your program. Frightened, he will help his creation, the robot played by Erica, escape the facility. | Cinema, comics and series