Megan Fox wants to return the reboot of Ninja Turtles

In 2014 they made a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie where actress Megan Fox plays April O'Neil and she repeated in the 2016 sequel.

In the purest style Michael Bay, they released the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2014 and was hugely successful, raising more than $ 485 million. Two years later it hit theaters Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and it was a small box office flop at $ 245 million. So now they want to reboot the characters. If they give the green light to this new project about the Ninja Turtles, the actress Megan fox is willing to return.

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According to sources, Paramount Pictures they are making an animated movie, but also a new live action movie. So that Megan fox could lend his voice, but also play back to April O'Neil. Perhaps in a slightly more mature and less sexualized version.

The actress is going through a phase of low-budget movies.

A few years ago, Megan Fox was a Hollywood superstar, especially while participating in the blockbuster movies of Transformers. After arguing with the producer Michael Bay, suffered a slight slump in his career. It seemed that he was returning to the blockbusters with The Ninja Turtles, but he does not finish going back.

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Now Megan fox will release some films but they are almost all low budget, such as Rogue, where she plays the leader of some mercenaries who face lions. In the trailer the animals were a bit badly done proving that it was a B-series movie. We can also see it in Big Gold Brick which is about the story of novice writer Samuel Liston and his experiences with Floyd Deveraux. By 2021 it will go to science fiction in dawn done plays an astronaut stationed in outer space to monitor Earth-threatening solar storms. She discovers that the shock waves from solar storms are bending time.

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