Michael B Jordan talks about the rumors about Superman

It has been rumored for some time that actor Michael B Jordan will play Superman in a DC Comics movie.

Warner Bros. has many plans for the characters of Dc comics, on the one hand, it will premiere films such as The Flash, Black adam, Aquaman 2 Y Shazam! two. Meanwhile, we can see a new version of the Dark Knight in The batman interpreted by Robert Pattinson. But… what about Superman? Will we ever see Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel? Or will he be replaced by Michael B Jordan?

At the beginning of the year 2021, it became known that Warner Bros. was in the process of developing a new movie of Superman with J.J. Abrams on board as a producer through his label Bad robot and the acclaimed Black Panther comic book writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates will be in charge of writing the script. Also it is not expected to repeat Henry cavill, so there are rumors that they want to do something different and it might be time to present the story of Black superman. And everyone agrees that the perfect actor would be Michael B Jordan.

This is how the actor himself reacts to this information:

“I appreciate people who think of me that way for these roles. I really have nothing more to give on that, other than that it's just flattering and I appreciate it. "

"Whoever it is, or if so, I think it will be something interesting to watch. Added Michael B Jordan, referring to the possibility of a black actor posing as the Man of Steel.

There has already been an attempt to take this character to the movies.

Long time ago, Warner Bros wanted to make a movie of a Black superman and they offered the role to Will Smith. In the end, the actor refused to play him, because he was not sure how the fans would react. So they made the movie of Superman returns (2006) starring Brandon routh.

But now things have changed a lot since then and maybe Michael B Jordan be the new Superman. Do you think this is a good idea? Leave us your comments below.

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