Michael Bay wants to lead the Hollywood revival

Director Michael Bay already has plans for his new movie that he wants to start shooting in a month and be the first to return to work in the Hollywood industry.

Like Christopher Nolan wants to release his movie Tenet in July and save the movie theaters the director Michael Bay He wants to be the first to get back into action and show that filming is safe. For this, he has already planned his new story, which will be titled Songbird.

Michael Bay will produce this movie, which will be a thriller set during the pandemic, reportedly featuring stories of paranoia and conspiracy. It will be directed by Adam Mason, who is responsible for two episodes of Into the Dark in 2019. Mason co-wrote the script with Simon Boyes.

As interesting as the team behind Songbird is the process that the movie is reportedly going to shoot in Los Angeles. Casting is underway for the low-budget movie of Michael Bay, which will be filmed without several people being in the same room at any given time. Instead, the teams will prepare shots in advance, then vacate the area to allow the actors to enter and film the scene. There will also be no scenes where actors have to interact face to face. This appears to be the new era of social distancing, but it may create a more disjointed project overall.

The movie doesn't look very much like the famous director and producer.

Everything about this movie seems to go against the way Michael Bay makes his movies. It's known primarily for big-budget action packed with stunts and explosions that cost a ton of money. Making such a movie will be infinitely more difficult with all the local restrictions in place around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. But at least Songbird aims to revive the film industry.

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