Michael Keaton talks about his return as Batman

Veteran actor Michael Keaton could return to play Batman in the film The Flash (2022) and now speaks for the first time about this matter.

It has been speculated for some time that The Flash will show the multiverse concept of DC Comics, they will also resume their roles as Batman the mythical actors Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the director himself Andy Muschietti (IT, Mom) said that their participation would be much more "substantial" than a simple cameo.

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During an appearance on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the presenter asked Michael Keaton if he could confirm that the actor will play Batman in the movie The Flash.

"I can't confirm anything," Michael Keaton said.

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He then asked Kimmel if he was a "comic book guy," prompting the host himself to joke about his "confirmation" that he's playing Kraven the hunter in Marvel's Spider-Man 3. But then Michael Keaton diverted the issue back to The Flash movie and his return as Batman.

"So, we are having discussions as they say," he said. “We are talking about that. We'll see if that happens. " He then said that he was the best Batman ever.

The Flash movie has not yet started production.

For now it is normal that Michael Keaton do not say clearly that you will return as Batman, but production is scheduled for March 2021, so it will be from then on when we will have more details of what the director is preparing Andy Muschietti.

But you also have to remember that Michael Keaton I could return at any time to Marvel how Adrian Toomes / The Vulture. In fact, it is speculated that he could lead the sinister 6 in what would be one of the most epic films in the superhero genre.

The Flash movie will be released on November 4, 2022. Hopefully we can see Micheal Keaton as Batman again.

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