Monkeys (2019), by Alejandro Landes – Review

In Monkeys delirium is on the rise as they get closer to animal life, to an immoral involution far from the "civilized" aspects.

If the reader has come here with the intention
to answer the question What is it
I'm sorry to disappoint, because you won't get a clarifying verdict on
The text that follows. However, let me tell you something, even after the
Watching the movie will get satisfactory conclusions.

And, to some extent, that dissatisfaction is the
that makes the movie bigger

Monkeys arrives directly from Colombia – also chosen to compete for the Oscars for Best International Film and which finally got Parasites (from Bong Joon Ho) – to stay, I don't think for a long time (by the way) in the retina of the collective imaginary. It is publicized in a provocative way, generating similar expectations not coinciding with what then happens between the visual lines of the negative, which tries to challenge our patience in that attempt to discover what the hell is happening and what is the reason, moments that can get to exasperate . In a society dominated by fast food, impatience and instagram, a film of these characteristics, at least, generates intense restlessness, exactly one hundred and two minutes of uneasiness.

Sit in the armchair and wait for the screen
open black.

Now, hold on, and above all, take a deep breath.

Somewhere on the planet they are gathered a
group of young people playing soccer luck for the blind; so it presents
Landres to a small organization of guerrillas who survive isolated more
beyond borders, cities and the conflicts that plague the country. The
Survival is possible thanks to the cult they render to their structure, to the
internal rules by which they are governed and obedience to the mandate of the
Messenger, a peculiar character who might well have been removed from a
Terry Guilliam film. The viewer imagines that both food and
the ammunition is provided by said character, however, the movie
plays to suggest more than to show, hence the despair towards oneself
of demanding immediate answers. It is undeniable that it is not trivial, the tape is not
wants to look naked, but the viewer will disassemble it, deconstruct it with
Mime during and after viewing. At the moment one stirred between
their own desires to understand at all times, to give rational explanation,
At that time we are prey to the puppet strings of Landres and his team.

In a society dominated by fast food, impatience and instagram, a film of these characteristics, at least, generates intense restlessness.

The organization, —which constitutes Rambo, Lobo, Leidi,
Swedish, Pitufol, Dog, Bum Bum and Patagrande—,
kidnaps Dr. Sara Watson (Julianne Nicholson) holding her in
The interior of the high mountain caves. Later, the death of a cow
it will be the first turning point where hatreds, revenge,
Envy and ecstasy for dominating the other.

This episode will make the group begin to
disrupt her devotion to the collective while the Doctor is weaving her
escape strategy in an infrahuman delirium.

I want to point out that Monkeys You saw a subgenre of film that has been assembled for decades. Without delving into the video library a lot, it comes to mind The City of Lost Children (Jean Pierre-Junet. 1995), Battle Royale (Kinji Fukasaku. 2000), or Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross. 2016), however, of the most soaked film Landres is from Lord of the Flies (Harry Hook. 1990), in fact the director himself winks at him in the sequence in which Pitufol is handcuffed and placed in front of a pig head stuck in a stake, where they give aspect to the Lord of the Flies, personifying the power of Evil, that is, those socially constructed fears. In Monkeys delirium is increasing as they get closer to animal life, to an immoral involution (materialized in the sound of a monkey that they produce kissing their hands) away from the “civilized” aspects, adding the immaturity of young people without rational or hormonal control, what explodes in a visual Super nova that ends with very little tact, entering the violent look of what might resemble a military Apocalypse Now.

The best: The ability to keep tension waiting
something happens beyond our imagination. The use of sound to
Through your hands as a communication system.

Worst: There are sequences of an unpronounceable beauty
that contribute nothing to the actions of the film and cease to make sense

Synopsis On top of an imposing mountain, where what at first glance looks like a summer camp, eight guerrilla children nicknamed "The Monkeys" live together under the watchful eye of a paramilitary sergeant.
country Colombia
Address Alejandro Landes
Script Alexis Dos Santos, Alejandro Landes
Music Mica Levi
Photography Jasper Wolf
Distribution Julianne Nicholson, Moises Arias, Jorge Román, Sofia Buenaventura, Laura Castrillón, Sneider Castro
Gender Drama
Duration 102 min.
Original title Monkeys
Premiere 02/21/2020

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