Monster Hunter adaptation would arrive earlier than expected

After announcing it would be pushed back to 2021, the new Monster Hunter teaser reveals that the movie will hit theaters ahead of its scheduled date.

If we have gotten used to something this year, it is the announcements of delays in premieres. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has put the audiovisual industry in check and premiere delays arrive practically every day. This morning Warner Bros has announced a new release schedule, in which they delay the releases of their most anticipated titles. The situation is not much different for Sony and the video game adaptation Monster hunter starring the Resident Evil star, Jovovich mile, and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

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Back in July, Sony announced that the film would not arrive on September 4 as planned. The president of Sony Pictures Entertainment confirmed that the company would not release high-budget films until the entire audience could enjoy them. For this reason, the new release date for Monster Hunter was April 23, 2021. But the latest teaser for the film says something different. In the 16-second teaser, it is anticipated that the film will hit theaters this December: “Something big is coming. Only in theaters this December. "

The teaser shared during the Russian Comic Con gives us a first look at the monsters in the movie. Monster Hunter is based on the popular video game of the same name. The video game is set in a fantasy world in which the player will have to create their own weapons to face a series of incredible monsters. But the movie seems to follow a different direction.

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The film will introduce the Lieutenant Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her team. After being engulfed in a storm, the group of soldiers is transported to a new world filled with almost indestructible monsters. In the teaser, Lieutenant Artemis is about to face one of the most iconic monsters in the video game, a Black devils. The adaptation of the video game has had divided opinions and many followers have been dissatisfied as more details of the project were advanced.

The Dateline media comments on the possible reason behind the Monster Hunter preview. As reported, the film would seek to occupy the space at the box office that has been left free by the delay of another Sony film, No time to die. As we already announced the latest installment of James Bond will not see the light until 2021, a year after its initial release date. This would give Monster Hunter less box office competition, although for now it would have to continue facing Wonder Woman 1984.

For now Sony confirms that Monster Hunter will arrive on December 30. So fans of the video game will not have to wait much longer to see the adaptation and see the popular monsters on the big screen. | Cinema, comics and series