Mulan: Officially Explained Why Mushu Isn't In The Remake

Mulan: Explican oficialmente por qué Mushu no está en el remake


Many fans were disappointed to find out that Mushu, the famous character from the Disney classic, was not going to be part of the live-action remake of Mulan that has just been released on Disney +. The controberted decision did not take entirely by surprise, and this remake has opted for a more adult tone in which this character that Eddie Murphy dubbed in the original version of the late 90s could hardly have a hole.

Now the director of this new proposal, Niki Caro, has wanted to influence that different tone of her Mulan film compared to the animated proposal, explaining that Mushu has no place in its history because what it represents has been integrated in a different way. “We were very inspired by what Mushu brought to the animation, which was humor and lightness, and the challenge was to bring that into Mulan's real relationships with her fellow soldiers,” Caro told USA Today. “Mushu, that beloved character in animation, was Mulan's confidant, and part of bringing that story into action is engaging in the realism of her journey, and establishing that relationship with her fellow soldiers. But we certainly had to work a lot on that aspect ”.

Caro's diplomatic response is not the only one given regarding the Mushu issue and the new Mulan movie. In his day Jason Reed, producer of the film, assured that the absence of Mushu was related to how this character is perceived in China. “The dragon is a sign of respect and it's a sign of strength and power, so using it as a comedic gag and a sidekick for Mulan didn't work very well with traditional Chinese audiences.” | Cinema, comics and series