Mulan released its new release date

After so much waiting, where Mulan had to be delayed because of the coronavirus, it seems that Disney has already decided what its new release date will be and here we tell you everything.

The live-action of Mulan It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies of 2020. The 1998 animated classic has a very special place in the hearts of millions of fans, making its transition to the real world a show that no one wants to miss. The coronavirus pandemic delayed the release of the film, but Bob Chapek appears with new statements that reaffirm the new release date.

Yifei Liu will be in charge of interpreting the young woman Mulan, who will join the army to fight for China, for the welfare of his father and for his own worth. Thanks to the images and trailers released, we could see that this tape will not be a faithful adaptation of the animated tape, but a more faithful version of the original heroine legend. The suppression of elements such as music, Mushu, Li Shang, explicit romance, among others, demonstrate this to us.

By when was the premiere over?

Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, confirmed to CNBC that the date for the Mulan premiere is July 24. On April 4, the studio announced the new measure, however, the limited control of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States has cast doubt on several releases, including the second scheduled for the film. But the executive ensures that the company has very positive thoughts about the launch of Mulan. Here are his statements about the future of the product on the big screen.

"At Disney, we are a group of optimists, and I think it is a very good release date for this particular title. We must balance people's anxieties about going out in public with pent-up demand. Whether it's theaters or theme parks, and as long as we can do it in a relatively safe and responsible manner, I think that will be important to exhibitors. Consider all the factors when making the decision to open, "he revealed. | Movies, comics and series