Mulan will premiere on Disney + and there will be a fee

As the pandemic continues, the situation does not seem to improve. The Mulan film will be released on Disney + and a fee will be required to view it.

Apparently, Disney decided to surrender with Mulan and release it at all costs. The live-action remake of the animated classic was scheduled to hit theaters in March, but the coronavirus made this impossible. Since then, he has been accumulating delays when he saw that the situation was not improving and the cinemas, especially those in the United States, were still closed. It recently disappeared from the August release schedule and the plan changed completely.

The company, which on Tuesday 4 announced the fiscal results of the first half of the year, has already announced what it is going to do with the Mulan film: premiere it on Disney + on September 4 "in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and several Western European countries ”more, but it will not be included in the subscription to the streaming platform, but it will have to pay for it $ 29.99 in the case of the United States, about 25 euros in exchange (but we will have to see what price put in the case of Spain). The reason given during the call is that "it is quite expensive to produce for the consumer with the quality for which we are known." For that price, as confirmed by Insider, we will not have a temporary rental but the film will be permanently available in the account (unless we unsubscribe it).

Will they do it with other movies?

This digital premiere, which Bob Chapek, head of Disney, has called “premiere access”, is currently “an isolated case” and they don't want to do it as usual (so Black Widow would not have to follow the same path), but what They will use it as a test to see if it is a profitable model and if people are willing to pay $ 30 to see a premiere movie at home. In countries where Disney + is not available and theaters are already open, Mulan will be released in theaters. | Movies, comics and series