My Hero Academia live action movie now has a director

My Hero Academia live action movie already has a director

My Hero Academia live action movie now has a director

They are preparing a live action movie for My Hero Academia and have hired a director with a lot of experience in these types of adaptations.

My hero academia it's a sleeve very successful that has its version in anime which is available in Netflix, in addition there are also several animated films. That is why it is normal that they also do the real action adaptation. They have now confirmed that Shinsuke Sato will be the director who has been in charge of the adaptations of The Princess Blade, Gantz, I Am a Hero, Kingdom, Death Note and Inuyashiki. Additionally, he recently wrote and directed his own series of Netflix, called Alice in Borderland, which had a great reception and was renewed for a second season just two weeks after its launch.

The movie of My hero academia It will also be the English-language film debut of Shinsuke SatoSince all the previous adaptations were made for the Japanese market and now they want to make an international version.

What is this manga about?

My hero academia it was created by Kohei Horikoshi in 2014 and tells the story of a world where 80% of people develop powers. The protagonist is Izuku Midoriya, which belongs to 20% of the people without “gifts”, but even so, his greatest dream is to be a superhero like his great idol All might. After an incident, the young man shows that he is very brave and has great determination. That is why Izuku receives the powers of All Might and enrolls in the U.A. Academy, where all those who want to enhance all their special abilities attend. So while trying to control all of his newly acquired powers, he makes great friends and faces major dangers.

Hopefully soon they will put a release date on the live action adaptation of My hero academia, but above all that it is very faithful to the original material.

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