Netflix is ​​preparing a sequel to Enola Holmes

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, the movie Enola Holmes is getting rave reviews, which is why Netflix wants the sequel.

Netflix has made it very clear that they are actively looking for a major fantasy-oriented franchise that can give them an internal brand to compete against such mythical sagas as Star wars and Harry Potter. But until they achieve that goal, for now they will have to settle for sequels on a much smaller scale.

However, since most of its original hits that have been released in recent months draw huge audience figures and generate enough buzz it looks like we'll be seeing quite a few sequels on Netflix. Since 6 Underground, Extraction (Tyler Rake), The Old Guard and Project Power have the potential to release a multiple film series, while director Peter Berg confirmed that he is definitely developing a sequel to Spenser Confidential and that the streaming service is also rejoining with Charlize Theron for Atomic 2.

Most of these titles are cut from the same action-oriented fabric.

Now all reports point to that Netflix is already working on developing a sequel to Enola Holmes. Film that has not yet been released. The streaming service feels that its original production for all ages is somewhat lacking, and with Enola Holmes currently with an impressive score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, they see the mystery adventure for the whole family as the ideal candidate to reach all ages.

What is the Netflix movie about? When Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' teenage sister, discovers her mother's disappearance, she sets off to find her. She becomes a super detective in her own right while taunting her famous brother. But he also unravels a dangerous conspiracy around a mysterious young Lord.

The movie Enola Holmes is coming to Netflix on September 23 | Cinema, comics and series