Netflix wants to compare one of the great movie studios

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The streaming platforms are winning the battle against the movie studios of a lifetime and one of the most mythical could be bought by Netflix.

Netflix wants a great franchise that lives up to Harry Potter, Star wars and DC Comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While that seems hugely ambitious for a streaming platform, history has shown that whatever Netflix wants, they usually get.

However, his first attempt at a big-budget blockbuster wasn't too good, with Bright they garnered large audience numbers, but were quickly forgotten and nothing more was heard of the sequel. Although a recent string of hits like 6 Underground, Extraction, Spenser Confidential, The Old Guard and Project Power, have the potential to release a multiple film series, while they are also set to produce a sequel to Charlize Theron's action film Atomic. . Not forgetting that they will give the Russo brothers $ 200 million to direct Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in the spy thriller The gray man.

According to the latest reports, they are interested in buying a large movie studio to get their hands on a comic book universe.

As we know, Paramount Pictures currently owns the rights to the Heroes List of Valiant, which got off to a pretty bad start when Vin Diesel's Bloodshot it premiered. But surely this is not enough to deter Netflix. Since they think they are more than capable of doing justice to the characters in a number of movies they believe could eventually rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And they have reportedly had conversations about buying the studio outright.

Paramount has been valued at around $ 4 billion. An amount that is less than 25% of the amount Netflix is ​​spending on original content this year alone. So they could afford it. That said, buying an entire studio still seems a bit steep when there are so many comic book properties out there. But you have to remember that Paramount also has some interesting franchises like Transformers and Mission Impossible. But they could also add a brutal amount of movies to their catalog, since Paramount has been making movies since 1920. | Cinema, comics and series