Netflix's Enola Holmes received a lawsuit

Enola Holmes, the new Netflix movie starring Millie Bobby Brown, faces a lawsuit for a rather unexpected reason.

Enola Holmes, the new Netflix movie with Millie Bobby Brown, is about to hit the platform but it seems that things have not been easy. Right now, the production faces a lawsuit from the Conan Doyle Estate for copyright infringement, and although there is no progress in the process, things could be very beneficial for them. When you make movies about characters that have been out there for much more than a century, you are likely to run into some legal problems along the way.

In the lawsuit, Conan Doyle State writes: “When Arthur Conan Doyle returned to Holmes in the copyrighted stories between 1923 and 1927, it was no longer enough that Holmes's character was the most brilliant analytical and rational mind. Holmes needed to be human. " In other words, what Estate means is that after 1923, Sherlock was already a character with feelings and empathic, so putting any version of his character "having emotions" represents a violation of copyright. For the organization, the film of Enola Holmes it is based on the stories of the above period and Henry Cavill's portrayal of Sherlock is warm enough to inspire a lawsuit.

An unexpected demand

It seems that for Conan Doyle State, the reinterpretations of Sherlock Holmes can only be cold and calculating, any other aspires to earn a good wake-up call and incidentally a visit to court. It's a confusing line between stories with legal rights and those that are in the public domain, but only a judge and the evidence will decide who wins the organization's lawsuit. For now, Enola Holmes It will arrive on the Netflix platform on September 23 and here we show you a trailer of the story. | Cinema, comics and series