New Mutants spot reveals X-Men's Lockheed alien dragon

A new teaser for The New Mutants offers the first look at Marvel's beloved alien dragon, Lockheed from the comics

A new preview of Josh Boone's New Mutants is out now, featuring the first look at the live-action version of the fan-favorite alien dragon, Lockheed. The notorious superhero movie that serves as a disconnected, horror-tinged extension of 20th Century Fox's treasured X-Men movie franchise, was initially supposed to be released in April 2018. But due to its studio's desire to return to Shooting new scenes, Disney's subsequent takeover of Fox, and the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the film has been repeatedly pushed back until it finally got its current release date on August 28. Despite the precariousness of the pandemic, The New Mutants remains committed to its premiere schedule, and has even started selling early tickets.

When it was first developed, The new mutants she was poised to tie into the convoluted universe and the X-men timeline, but that idea was scrapped during the early stages of writing the script. Boone, however, claimed that it would honor the entire mythology of the comics, although the origins of some characters, such as Lockheed, would be tweaked to make the film more understandable. In the original X-men comics, Lockheed first appeared in Uncanny X-men # 166, the alien dragon served as Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat's sidekick, before being adopted by Illyana / Magik. (Played by Anya Taylor-Joy. ). In the comics, Lockheed went to Earth with Kitty Pryde after saving her from a Brood attack. But since that backstory is too complex, it has been altered in the movie to make it more robust.

Recently, New Mutants Updates posted a new trailer for the film on Twitter, and contains the first image of the realistic version of Lockheed. In its brief appearance, the purple alien dragon is seen perched on Illyana's shoulder, before it blasts off with its glowing sky blue eyes to (probably) battle an enemy. Before this first look, the silhouette of a hovering Lockheed was already seen in the trailer presented at Comic-Con. But this is the first time we can see the full CGI-generated version of the winged reptile. In the teaser, it appears that Lockheed assists Illyana in her battles, which ties in closely with Boone's earlier description of the role of the characters in the film.

Previously, Josh Boone revealed that he had manipulated Lockheed's alien history to link it to Illyana's powers and history, but the alterations were in line with the spirit of Lockheed's origins. In The New Mutants, Lockheed is connected to Illyana's access to an alternate dimension, referred to in the film as "Limbo." Illyana's special abilities allow her to create portals that allow her to enter and exit alternate dimensions. And while Boone hasn't mentioned whether Lockheed came from such a universe, it can be inferred from his description.

The initial dissociation of The New Mutants from the X-Men universe had disappointed some fans who were anticipating possible crossovers. But Boone's dedication to retaining the authenticity of the comic book narrative and its characters is tangible from Lockheed's serious characterization. Boone had envisioned an independent setup to develop a new franchise, and Lockheed's appearance, albeit with an altered backstory, is merely a glimpse of his vision. Lockheed's lifelike and reshaped look in the film proves it will be inventive, but also true to its source material. | Cinema, comics and series

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