New Star Wars and Avatar movies are long overdue

Bad news!!! Disney removes Mulan from the release schedule and delays new Star Wars and Avatar movies for a year.

As the United States and many other parts of the world struggle to contain the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), film studios remain highly concerned with deciding when to release their films. Disney He's just reorganized much of his schedule, indefinitely postponing the Mulan live-action movie and rolling back new Star Wars and Avatar movies. Since there are not enough sanitary conditions for people to go to the movies en masse and to be able to shoot safely.

The new version of Mulan Niki Caro's was slated for August 21 (having been delayed twice), but is now in limbo without a new release date. Disney may eventually cut its losses and send it directly to its streaming platform Disney +But that will surely be a last resort.

"In recent months, it has become clear that nothing can be done when it comes to how we released movies during this global health crisis, and today that means pausing our release plans for Mulan as we evaluate how we can more effectively bring this movie for audiences around the world, ”a spokesman for Walt Disney Studios said in a statement.

But this also affects the new Star Wars and Avatar movies, which some of them haven't even started to shoot yet.

New release dates.

Disney has confirmed that the new Star Wars and Avatar movies will have these release dates:

Avatar 2: Starting date December 17, 2021 - Final date December 16, 2022.
Untitled Star Wars Movie: Starting Date December 16, 2022 - Final date December 22, 2023.
Avatar 3: Starting date December 22, 2023 - Final date December 20, 2024.
Untitled Star Wars movie: Starting date December 20, 2024 - Final date December 19, 2025.
Avatar 4: Starting Date December 19, 2025 - Final date December 18, 2026.
Untitled Star Wars Movie: Starting Date December 18, 2026 - Final date December 17, 2027.
Avatar 5: Starting date December 17, 2027 - Final date December 22, 2028.

So it will take a long time to see the new Star Wars and Avatar movies. | Movies, comics and series