No one knows when Wonder Woman 1984 will be released

Even director Patty Jenkins is not sure when the Wonder Woman 1984 movie will be seen in theaters.

Although there is an assigned date for the arrival of Wonder Woman 1984 to the theaters, no one can assure if it is the final one or if it will be delayed again or if it will even go directly to the streaming platform HBO Max.

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In a new interview, the director of Wonder Woman 1984, Patty jenkins, admits that she is still unsure whether the sequel will meet its planned release date of Christmas Day 2020, revealing how difficult the process has been.

"I don't think anyone can trust anything at this point," revealed the filmmaker. "We just don't know what the course of COVID will be like."

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Jenkins added that she is "very hopeful" that Wonder Woman 1984 opens on Christmas Day as planned and said, "I feel like it's totally possible for me." However, he did point out how strange it is to be with a movie like Wonder Woman 1984 that is already fully finished and that no one can see for that long. “It is incredibly surreal. The biggest surreality about it is that it's supposed to be an adventure, right? You sign up for the movie, you write the movie, you direct the movie, you make the movie and the movie comes out. "

"Instead, I spent three years doing one thing, seven days a week, and then I was left with nothing," Jenkins concluded. "There is no evidence of that work."

When will it hit theaters?

It's a shame there is so much uncertainty around Wonder Woman 1984, and that there are already rumors that it could move towards 2021 as Black widow. But above all he has to fight so that it reaches theaters and does not go directly to streaming. Otherwise, it will cause a great change that will cause the end of traditional rooms and the excessive rise of digital platforms.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on December 25, 2020, although it is a date that is not 100% final. | Cinema, comics and series