No Time to Die: New James Bond Could Come in 2021

The coronavirus situation would not be improving. It seems that the cinemas will take longer to open, therefore, No time to die could only arrive in the summer of 2021.

With no time to die, the 25th James Bond film and the last one starring Daniel Craig, was the first production that decided to delay its release due to the coronavirus. It went from April 2 to November 12, a last-minute change announced a month before its arrival in theaters that cost, it is said, about $ 30 million for advertising spending that had already been made. Now it seems that MGM and Universal are avoiding making the same mistake.

According to the MI6 fan, the studios would be thinking of delaying the premiere of 'No time to die' again until the summer of 2021. It is a rumor that comes from an unofficial source, but it does not sound crazy: the stage of 90 days of traditional marketing would start in less than two months, and if studios want to avoid wasting money on advertising early, they would have to make the decision soon.

In addition to being the producer, MGM is the distributor of the tape in the US, while Universal has distribution rights to the rest of the world. None of them are considering the option to premiere ‘No Time to Die’ directly on VOD. On the other hand, the film is completely finished and the montage will not be touched until it is released.

Will there be no cinemas until 2021?

Of course, this rumor is not crazy, since the unstable situation caused by the coronavirus around the world, and especially at the moment in the US, is making film studios give the year 2020 as totally lost.

Earlier this week a Disney analyst told The Hollywood Reporter that the mouse studio may not release any movies before September and very few for the rest of the year. The rest of the big studios would be planning the same. Christopher Nolan is determined that ‘Tenet’ arrive in theaters this summer to revitalize theaters and support the medium as the director wants it to survive in the future. | Movies, comics and series