No time to die: why Daniel Craig quits after James Bond 25

Daniel Craig will retire after his fifth movie as James Bond in the upcoming No Time To Die, and this is why the actor resigns as 007.

The latest installment of Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die comes this year with the actor offering numerous reasons why he quits the iconic character. The Bond franchise will undergo a renewal after the 25th installment. No Time To Die will mark Daniel Craig's final goodbye as 007, after a series of critically and publicly successful films that have served to revitalize a nearly 60-year-old franchise for a more modern audience.

007 Casino Royale

It is not yet known who the next Bond will be, but speculation abounds as to which actor will take Craig's mantle. Starting with 2006 Casino Royale, Craig has starred in five Bond films that reinvented the character and took the series to its roots by reintroducing the classic tropes of 007. After what many considered an anti-climax with Quantum of Solace in 2008 Craig's Bond experienced the softest reboot of the franchise in 2012 with Skyfall, a film that saw the death of M by Judi Dench and the reintroduction of Q-Branch, Moneypenny, and a male M in the form of Ralph Fiennes. The Skyfall sequel tried to re-include the Specter group in previous movies starring Craig, and ultimately wasn't seen as the best installment in the modern series, busier at saying goodbye to the British actor than providing a good story. Now, with No Time To Die directed by Cary Fukunaka, she seems to be ready to correct many of Specter's mistakes, things are looking good for Daniel Craig's swan song as Bond.

Despite Specter's unevenness, the 007 franchise with Craig on board overall looks pretty healthy, at least compared to how it looked after Die's mistakes another day, so why is Craig retiring now? In addition to saying he believes "someone else should try" on paper, the actor has also spoken extensively about his decision to finally resign. In an interview with GQ, he said that his return “was just not going to happen,” and explained that he saw other things as more important: “I don't know what it is, maybe having another child, maybe just being older. But all these things, I was like, you know, fuck. There are other things that are more important. "


Craig had previously questioned his return to the series and Specter was geared to fire the actor. After the release of this movie, Craig notoriously complained about making another Bond movie. Since then, he has withdrawn those comments and will, of course, appear in No Time To Die, which this time has been confirmed as the actor's latest James Bond movie. Craig also made it clear that he was unhappy with Specter, which likely contributed to his dramatic sleeve cut comment years ago. In an Empire interview in 2019, Craig said: “It seemed like we needed to finish something. If I had left it in Specter, something in the back of my head would have been saying, "I wish I had done one more."

It appears that Craig had been considering leaving the franchise for some time, but the bad reviews received by Specter ignited his desire to provide a more suitable ending to his version of Bond, and producer Barbara Broccoli helped convince Craig to return. After the completion of No Time To Die, the actor obviously feels that he has made up for his previous movie and is happy to leave the series. On top of all that, while not the oldest Bond actor, Roger Moore took that distinction with his final appearance in Panorama to kill at the age of 57, Craig is one of the oldest actors to play Bond. And after suffering a knee injury during the filming of Specter, and another ankle injury during the production of No Time To Die, it seems likely that the actor felt a natural urge to move away from the role as he got older. | Movies, comics and series