"No Time to Die" will be a very "epic" movie

Recently, the producer of No Time to Die revealed some details about the film. And in addition to commenting that it will be "epic", he also confirmed that it will have a connection with all Daniel Craig films such as James Bond.

The truth is that Daniel Craig achieved a successful performance as James Bond, but decided to say goodbye to the character and No Time to Die will be his last film. While we wait for the arrival of this film, which was delayed many times by the pandemic, the production company revealed that we will be facing an "epic" story. In addition, this tape will be a connection between all the films that the actor made as Agent 007.

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Daniel Craig began playing James Bond 15 years ago. His first film was in 2006 and was called 007: Casino Royale, then it went through 007 Quantum in 2008, in 2012 007 Operation Skyfall hit theaters and in 2017 the tape 007 Specter. According to what producer Barbara Broccoli confirmed, No Time to Die is the culmination of what has been harvested with the character over all these years. That is, it is not only the farewell of the actor, but they made sure that details of all the films were connected.

“It's the culmination of everything that has gone through his portrayal of the character. Link all the stories. It's quite an epic movie, I have to say, ”he revealed.

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An epic movie

The intention to do something great and different had already been coming since director Cary Fukunaga joined the project, thus replacing Danny Boyle. In this way, he was in charge of rewriting some parts of the original script and warned since then that the changes he would make were in favor of evolving the character and not stalling him, thus giving Daniel Craig an epic exit in No Time to Die.

“In terms of what I can do to change the character, Bond is in a character arc that started with Casino Royale. There will be changes, I'm sure. As in any story, a character has to change to have a narrative and evolution ”.

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